Detroit Tigers Links: Max Scherzer update, Tigers winter hibernation, Sergio Romo


It has been rather quiet on the Max Scherzer front. Sure there are rumors and theories galore, but there has not been much talk from Max’s camp or news about any teams having discussions with him.

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One team you would think would be in pursuit of Scherzer are the New York Yankees. Missing the postseason for a second straight season for the first time since the early 1990’s would make you think the Yanks would be in their spend-heavy days of the past.

Since George Steinbrenner’s sons have taken over the reigns of the team from their departed father, the purse strings in the Bronx have gotten a little tighter. This led to the team closing the door before even opening it on Scherzer.

But multiple media reports yesterday tied Max with the Yankees once again.

Speaking of free agents, Tom Gage has the feeling that the Tigers may be done nabbing high-profile free agents and might be happy to stand pat with their team. Bad news for fans hoping for Andrew Miller and another outfielder. If the Tigers don’t address their bullpen any further this off-season with a substantial signing, I can’t see them making the playoffs next season.

With the way the ball bounced against the Boston Red Sox in 2013, the bullpen might have legitimately cost them a World Series title. Last year, it nearly cost them a divisional title and brought about an early postseason exit. It seems as the bullpen regresses, so does the team’s on-field performance.

Please don’t stand pat, Dave.

If Dave doesn’t want to stand pat, there is an interesting name that the Tigers have been linked to in the past that would help that bullpen immensely: Sergio Romo.

NL exec: Yanks ‘sleeping giants’ for Max Scherzer – Andrew Marchand, ESPN New York

"The NL executive called Scherzer the surest bet of the three top starters on the market. Scherzer has fanned more than 10 batters per nine innings, which is a stat that often suggests that success can be maintained. (It is not as foolproof as CC Sabathia‘s numbers — his K/per 9 have stayed the same as he has declined — show.)"

Tigers might be set for winter, save for tweaking – Tom Gage, Detroit News

"But the bottom line remains the same: Although another lefty reliever would appear to be mandatory, the extent of what the Tigers might do the rest of the winter is to tinker and tweak.The budget probably won’t allow much else.And in their mind — with the signing of Martinez, the trade for Gose, plus the returns of Soria and Rondon — the biggest holes have been addressed."

Signing Sergio Romo Should Be Detroit Tigers’ Top Offseason Priority – Jerry Landry, Rant Sports

"Romo is 31 years old, but the Tigers should (and can) give him the years he’s looking for in a contract — win the World Series now, pay for it later. Or, they can just somehow trick the Texas Rangers into another Prince Fielder-esque fleecing when the time is right. Either way, every team has a window, and Detroit’s is closing."