Detroit Tigers need to say goodbye to Max Scherzer


There’s the common expression “all good things must come to an end.” At this current moment, it’s safe to apply that to expression to Max Scherzer and the Detroit Tigers’ relationship.

There’s all this talk about different ways Scherzer could stay in Detroit, most of them slightly absurd. Max Scherzer has put together some terrific numbers these past two seasons, going a combined 39-8 over the past two years. Tack on a Cy Young Award and over 230 strikeouts or more the past three seasons, the Missouri native is set for an astronomical payday.

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But the Tigers should not be the team that doles out the dollars, nor do I believe they ever were the team that would. After the debacle that was attempting to sign Scherzer before the 2014 season, I have little desire for Scherzer to return. Any man that turns down such an offer (6 years, $144 million) does not belong in Detroit. Obviously I’m not up in the Tigers front office. I don’t know the odds and ins of the situation but judging by what has been made public, Scherzer leaving Detroit will not break my heart.

If you recall, the Tigers organization actually released a statement about Scherzer NOT signing a contract, which I assume was an attempt to light a fire in fan’s hearts.

"“The Detroit Tigers have made a substantial, long-term contract extension offer to Max Scherzer that would have placed him among the highest-paid pitchers in baseball, and the offer was rejected.”“As we have reiterated, it has been the organization’s intent to extend Max’s contract and keep him in a Tigers uniform well beyond the 2014 season. While this offer would have accomplished that, the ballclub’s focus remains on the start of the upcoming season, and competing for a World Championship. Moving forward there will be no further in-season negotiation and the organization will refrain from commenting on this matter.”"

Granted, this was an absolutely bizarre move by the Tigers, and a bit of a sucker punch if you ask me. Regardless, Max Scherzer was offered a ridiculous amount of money to essentially play a game for a living. That’s more money than most people dream of, and he just said no. This is the organization that crafted his mechanics and helped him get to where he is today. These fans have come to adore him and idolize the things he does on the diamond. But apparently dollars mean more than all that. Realistically, it’s not like Detroit offered him some Wendy’s coupons and a Target gift card; he would be making a Ludacris amount of money.

Scott Boras, Scherzer’s agent, was recently asked if Detroit was still in the ix for the All Star pitcher. Boras stated “”I’ve never heard anything from anyone to suggest they’re not.” GM David Dombrowski had little to say, as usual, but never shot down the possibility.

Now, I can completely understand Scherzer’s concerns about just playing the game and not wanting negotiations to cloud his 2014 season, but I will shed no tears when he signs elsewhere. It’s obvious he’s in it for the money or he would have accepted Detroit’s offer. He has rightfully earned a big payday for his accomplishments, but it should not come from the Tigers.

It was good while it lasted, but we don’t have time for contract soap operas.