ICYMI: MCB Digest–Detroit Tigers Week That Was

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Credit: Tom Hagerty, Flickr Creative Commons http://bit.ly/139TKvk

I tackled the seemingly losing battle of Alan Trammell belonging in the Hall-of-Fame on Wednesday.

Alan Trammell Deserves Hall-0f-Fame Call

"Last year we banged the drum for Jack Morris entering the Hall-of-Fame and he failed on his final time. This year Alan Trammell has his final shot. He won’t get in and that is still an unbelievable travesty. Morris received just 61.5 percent with 75 percent needed last season in his final year of eligibility. Tram surprisingly got a little more notice nationally last year but ended up actually declining to 33.6 percent. Lou Whitaker has remained ineligible for 15 years despite his numbers stacking up favorably to Hall-of-Fame second basement. All three will eventually be eligible for induction via the Veteran’s Committee, but its a shame that each will have to wait much longer (committee doesn’t meet again until next year), if they get selected at all. We discussed Tram’s case last year and will repost much of the argument below because it remains just as relevant now. READ MORE"

There was a mid-week report stating that the Tigers are still the frontrunners to retaining Max Scherzer. Still his contract demands do not appear to be coming down–which is probably a reason he hasn’t received a lot of interest. Josh Scramlin thinks there might be a better option and that option could be James Shields.

Signing James Shields would prove beneficial for Detroit Tigers

"The Detroit Tigers have been nothing short of busy this offseason, acquiring multiple new faces and shipping some of their own talent elsewhere. The acquisition of slugger Yoenis Cespedes has cooled down much of the outfield fever, while Alfredo Simon’s and Shane Greene’s arrival in the Motor City has give the Tigers flexibility with their pitching staff. Many negatives have turned to positives since the end of the 2014 season, and many lingering questions have found their answers. But if the Tigers really wanted to evoke fear from their opponents and cap off the winter with bang, the club should sign SP James Shields to a contract. Such a move would be much more checkbook-friendly, allow for improvements within the bullpen, and get the team clicking on all cylinders. READ MORE"

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