Top 10 “presents” of being a Detroit Tigers’ fan on Christmas


Merry Christmas, Detroit Tigers’ fans, from your faithful team at Motor City Bengals!

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We are ever thankful for you, the reader. You read what we write, engage in debate with us via our site, Facebook, and Twitter and you share our work with others.

Since undoubtedly today, or sometime during the holiday season, you will receive a present, allow us to relay what are our favorite “presents” of being a fan of the Detroit Tigers’ fan–in no particular order.

  1. Miggy: It has been our pleasure to watch Miguel Cabrera go from a young talent to sure-fire Hall-of-Famer. We don’t have many HOF players in recent Tigers’ history and fans of the game still marvel that we all got to experience a Detroit Tiger–a DETROIT TIGER–winning a Triple Crown, one of the true jewels of the baseball world.
  2. Mike Ilitch: How thankful are we that we have an owner that is willing to do what he can to win it all? Certainly spending big money hasn’t put the Tigers over the top, but it shows he is trying. Mr. I wears his heart on his sleeve and his passion for both sports and the City of Detroit is not matched by anyone.
  3. The Olde English D: Certainly a case can be made for the interlocking NY of the New York Yankees being the most recognized logo in sports. But anyone can don that, even if they have never seen a baseball game. To wear the Olde English D in whatever part of the world you reside means you love the Tigers, love baseball and are representing your hometown, even while people take their shots at “The D.” Baseball in Detroit? It just means more.
  4. History and Tradition: There are not many organizations that have as rich of a history as the Detroit Tigers. From iconic players such as Ty Cobb, Al Kaline, Hank Greenberg to the immortal Tiger Stadium, when you watch the Tigers you know you are rooting for something historical and with meaning.
  5. 1984 and 1968: Many world events happened during these two years, but utter either of these dates to a Tigers’ fan and the first thing that will pop in their minds is Kirk Gibson‘s fist pump to win the franchise’s most recent title 30 years ago or Bill Freehan jumping into the arms of a heroic Mickey Lolich after winning his third game of the ’68 World Series, helping the Tigers come back from down 3 games to 1. You didn’t have to be alive or aware for those dates, but you are always aware of their importance, handed down generation to generation.
  6. 119 losses: Stay with me on this one. 119 losses was probably the worst moment of every Detroit Tigers’ fan’s life. But it shook up the franchise and realized losing 85 to 110 games each year was not Tigers’ baseball. Without 2003 and all of those 119 losses, it’s hard to say if we’d be enjoying the recent successes.
  7. Al Kaline: Franchises all have living legends still associated with the team but perhaps one of the most underrated is Mr. Tiger. After his unbelievable MLB career was over, he established himself to another generation of Tigers’ fans as the voice of the team along with George Kell. There is not a better ambassador that bridges the franchise’s past with its present.
  8. The rivalries: Baseball has a long season and even the most ardent fan needs to take a day or two off here or there during the season. But when the Cleveland Indians get beat with another Detroit walk-off, when the Chicago White Sox do something WhiteSoxian-like and find a way to lose, when the Tigers harass the Kansas City Royals again or keep the long tormentors from Minnesota at bay, it makes us smile a little more and be pumped for the next game. Not to mention beating the Yankees, Red Sox and Athletics is a lot of fun too!
  9. Comerica Park: It’s no Tiger Stadium, but there will be nothing like that place ever again. Over the 14 years in existence, Comerica Park has become Detroit baseball. A home away from home for fans from April to October. It has its own quirks, charms and even foibles, but it is “our” park, a place where visitors rarely experience a good day.
  10. You: Without you, we wouldn’t be able to write words about our favorite baseball team and cover our favorite sport.

What are some of your favorite “presents” of being a Tigers’ fan?

Thank you, Detroit Tigers fans and Happy Holidays!

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