ICYMI: MCB Digest–Detroit Tigers Week That Was

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Tuesday morning Dan Byrne wanted a LOOGY and later that day it looked like the Tigers found one in Gorzelanny, until a review of his stats show a better chance he gets righties out than lefties. I’m thinking Dan still wants a LOOGY…

I Want a LOOGY!

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"Same “hand-sidedness” strategy is almost a tradition in baseball. There are a lot of old school managers still around who believe that. Many managers will disregard the stats anyway and succumb to the same old antiquated thinking that has permeated baseball for over a century. Not every manager is as progressive as Joe Madden. Just maybe there is something to old school beliefs. Statistics actually do show that having a good LOOGY is a fantastic thing to have, but simply having one is a must. There may be less strategy in the Junior Circuit but this does not imply an absence of late-inning maneuvering and critical thinking. We know every possible victory is going to be extremely important in the AL Central in 2015. Even the very presence of a looming LOOGY in the pen can affect an opposing manager’s decisions. Do you pinch-hit in the 7th? Won’t that shorten my bench? What will I do in the 9th, or worse, in extra innings? A whole cascade of events can occur with just the perception of a LHP waiting to trot out to the mound and mow down a hitter or two at the most inopportune time. READ MORE"

Later on Tuesday, the baseball Hall-of-Fame vote was announced and as expected Tram was screwed over. I issued my annual HOF attack piece….

Idiotic Writers Snub Alan Trammell Again

"For the 14th inexplicable time, Alan Trammell did not garner enough support (25 percent, needed 75 percent for induction) from idiotic and pig-headed baseball writers and will not be inducted into the Baseball Hall-of-Fame for the foreseeable future. The 2015 class includes former Tigers’ prospect John Smoltz, Craig Biggio, Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson. Worthy candidates, no doubt, but why is Trammel not considered worthy? Tram, along with other inexcusable Tigers’ 1984 snubs Lou Whitaker and Jack Morris, will eventually be eligible for induction via the Veteran’s Committee. That backdoor method could also be a long road, however, as that committee does not meet and induct candidates on a yearly basis and next convenes in 2016, the final year that Trammell will be on the writer’s ballot. I would challenge baseball writers to explain themselves on Trammell–none ever really do. The argument against Tram has always been just one championship (hmm like Barry Larkin and Ozzie Smith???) and a relatively low batting average. READ MORE"