Detroit Tigers Rumors: Max Scherzer “close” to 7-year deal with Nationals


All was quiet on the Max Scherzer-front, seemingly all offseason long.

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But when rumors circulated on Friday of the Detroit Tigers being in contact with James Shields, suddenly Scherzer rumors are white hot.

According to several media reports, Jon Heyman of CBS being one of them, the 30-year, 2013 Cy Young winner is in serious negotiations with the Washington Nationals and “at least one other [team].” Ahhh yes, the ol’ mystery team that Scott Boras loves floating out there.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports thinks he may know how much Scherzer will get and while it is not between the $200-216 million that his rumored asking price was, it is higher and more years than the Tigers, 6-year, $144 million offer from last Spring Training.

So if there is truly “another team” besides Washington, could it be Detroit? All along, Dave Dombrowski hasn’t given a drop-dead, “we are not going to sign Max Scherzer.” The franchise has made these announcements for players in the past such as Torii Hunter, Omar Infante and Jhonny Peralta to name just a few. So while the Tigers issued blanket denial after blanket denial when rumors were rampant, many scoffed.

Even tonight, after rumors began circulated, Dombrowski remained steadfast, telling Jason Beck they still are not actively pursuing Scherzer:

"Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski is suggesting otherwise. He said in a text message Sunday afternoon that their status on Scherzer is unchanged, that they’re not in active pursuit — the status he has used for several weeks.Asked if that means that they’re not the other team reportedly in talks on Scherzer, Dombrowski texted, “I just answered that question.”That doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility that Ilitch makes a last-second offer again. But for now, at least, it doesn’t appear to have happened. And the Tigers appear in line for their biggest free-agent loss of the Dombrowski era."

It’s perhaps fishy that no Scherzer rumors have circulated in months and now, just days after the Tigers/Shields rumors that may have been a subtle way to move Max into a better number for the Tigers they ignite.

Remember in 2013 when it was all but certain that Anibal Sanchez would sign a deal with the Chicago Cubs and at the last minute he gave the Tigers a chance to match and they did so.

Could this be the case for Max or is this officially the end?

One thing is for sure, Tigers’ fans won’t believe it until he’s sitting at a press conference wearing another team’s cap and jersey.

But prepare yourself because that day could very well be imminent.

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