Detroit Tigers: Long-term with David Price, Ausmus Twitter, Tram returns


Much like it was last year with Max Scherzer, and much how it started to be in 2013 with Justin Verlander, this year’s Spring Training for the Detroit Tigers will be dominated with the question of whether or not the team can/will/want to sign David Price to a long-term deal.

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Everyone has said the right things. The Tigers say they are interested in a long-term deal, Price said he’ll listen, but will it happen? The free agent-to-be said he has not received word from his agent that negotiations are taking place, but remember Verlander signed early in Spring 2013, Scherzer received an extension offer in the middle of Spring 2014 and Miguel Cabrera signed his mega extension in late Spring Training last year.

So just because it hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it won’t. The Tigers usually get the guy they want to resign with the team, Scherzer the notable exception. So you have to believe they’ll try their best even if the author of our first Morning Link doesn’t see it happening.

#TigersTwitter bristled with excitement when Brad Ausmus quietly (as he does with seemingly everything) appeared on Twitter.

This, of course, set up wild speculation that it was NOT Ausmus and a fake account.

Then reality set in.

Then concern for the young Twitter newbie’s well-being…