Ranking AL Central Division Starting Rotations

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4. Kansas City Royals:  Grade B

1.  Yordano Ventura RHP

2.  Jason Vargas LHP

3.  Edinson Volquez RHP

4.  Jeremy Guthrie RHP

5.  Danny Duffy LHP

The departure of James Shields from this rotation is a huge loss to the defending American League champions.  They picked up Edinson Volquez and Kris Medlen from the National League.  But Volquez is no shields and Medlen did not pitch in 2014 and is coming back from his second Tommy John surgery.  Someone will need to pick up the slack from Shields.  This lineup has some solid pitchers in Ventura, Vargas, Guthrie.  Duffy and can get the job done with innings and strike outs.  The Royals’ rotation just lacks the oomph that the 2014 team had and has some holes that their Central Division foes will poke out with their upgraded lineups.