Ranking AL Central Division Starting Rotations

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3.  Cleveland Indians:  Grade:  B

1.  Corey Kluber RHP

2.  Carlos Carrasco RHP

3.  Trevor Bauer RHP

4.  T. J. House  LHP

5.  Danny Salazar RHP

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Corey Kluber will continue to dominant in his role as the Indians ace and the Tribe fans will clamor for him to be signed to a JV or Scherzer type long-term contract.  The lineup lacks a dominant left-hander but has strong 2-4 spots.  Carrasco had a solid 2014 with a 2.55 ERA but will need to step up the innings he gave the Indians.  Bauer and Salazar bring some youth and will pick up innings but will need consistently stronger years than they had last year.  Expect T.J. House to follow-up his strong rookie year with another solid year but they will watch his innings carefully which will pave the way for additions like Gavin Floyd.  No if’s and’s and but’s about this, the Indians fate is determined by someone adding strength to Kluber who anchors this rotation.