2015 AL Central Division Preview

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5.  Minnesota Twins 70-92

The Twinkies will be amongst, if not, the worst teams in all of Major League Baseball. Divisional foes will drool at the chance to face this weak lineup and pitching staff. They will, in fact, be the only losing team in the Central Division this year. The Twins can be summed up as follows:  bad team, no Ron Gardenhire, bad management. It’s a recipe for a Minneapolis disaster.

Torii Hunter won’t finish the year and will be injured half way through.   Balls will be hit to short outfields and not returned. Joe Mauer will be the highlight of the team with his bat having a Joe Mauer year. Unfortunately do to the lack of substance in the line up, pitchers will easily pitch around him.

Phil Hughes will have another good year as the Twins “ace”. Besides that, the highlights will be very far and few between and it will be awfully hard for Ned Yost to pick a Twin All Star.