2015 AL Central Division Preview

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4.  Kansas City Royals 85-77

The Royals quietly competed during the season last year and struck when the iron was hot. Their run to the World Series was fun and amazing to watch. But like the Red Sox in 2013 when everything just went right for them, that’s awfully difficult to repeat and they won’t in 2015.

The pitching staff is missing James Shields and will struggle to fill his void. Edinson Volquez will struggle in his American League transition. The bullpen will be solid again and Luke Hochevar hopes to add depth returning from his Tommy John surgery.

At designated hitter, Kendrys Morales will provide more consistency and meat at the plate then Billy Butler did last year, but it still won’t be enough for the Royals as they contend early and fade mid-season.  Speed, singles and bunting can only carry you so far.  Not that far in 2015.