Detroit Tigers vs. Minnesota Twins: Weather Report


The Minnesota Twins have been unable to slow down the Detroit Tigers during the first two games of the season, so it might be someone else’s turn on Thursday.

Mother Nature.

There is an 85 percent chance of rain and thunderstorms starting at 1:45 PM, and the storm is supposed to last until midnight according to

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Unless the Tigers and Twins take the new “speed up the game” rules to a new extreme, it seems highly unlikely the two teams play five innings in less than an hour. That’s, of course, assuming the weather report is correct.

Thursday’s first pitch at Comerica Park is scheduled for 1:08 PM.

James Schmehl of has already looked ahead to see when Thursday’s game could be rescheduled in the event it is indeed postponed. The Twins return to Detroit for a three-game series May 12-14, and both clubs have an off day on May 11.

That is probably the best option, or the two clubs could schedule a day-night doubleheader on May 12.

Let’s hope the Tigers can continue the offensive onslaught early on Thursday and get a lead. Then, starting pitcher Shane Greene will just have to quickly mow down the Twins. It would certainly help if the thunderstorm was also at least a half hour late.

The losing team must bat five times in order for the game to be official.

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