Best Detroit Tigers Fights Over The Years

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Tigers and White Sox Brawl, April 2000

Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune

This might just be the only thing the Detroit Tigers of the early 2000’s are remembered for.

And oddly enough, Jered Weaver’s equally “energetic” brother, Jeff Weaver, was a culprit of this fight. After hitting Carlos Lee of the Chicago White Sox, things began to tense up a bit.

Then, with the Tigers batting, White Sox pitcher Jim Parque decided he wanted to have some fun by beaning Dean Palmer, prompting Palmer to charge the mound.

Before you now it, every player on the roster is throwing punches, Bobby Higginson is getting some knocks in, and complete chaos ensues. Moving like a herd of water buffalo across the Serengeti the two teams move from the infield to the outfield and cheap shots continued to fly.

You can view a video of the brawl here