Best Detroit Tigers Fights Over The Years

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Rod Allen in a Foot Pursuit, Early 1990’s

Photo Credit: Guyism

Technically Rod Allen was not a member of the Detroit Tigers at this point in his illustrious career. You know, the career he reminisces about constantly during broadcasts?

But with Allen being such a big part of Tigers baseball for the past decade it’s only fitting he get credit where credit is due.

To give you a quick run down, Rod Allen was playing for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp when he was hit with a pitch. Rod threw down his helmet with great fury and took off towards the pitcher like a lightning bolt.

What went from a two-man ordeal soon turned into a team-wide affair and before you knew it, it looked like all the kids running behind Rocky Balboa when he trains. There’s no other way to put it other than saying this incident is absolutely bizarre and what Rod Allen was thinking that day…even Rod Allen may not be able to answer that question.

Regardless, I see you Big Fella!

You can watch the video here