Detroit Tigers – The “Should’ve Guy’s” Early Season Review

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2.  Tigers Should’ve re-signed Max Scherzer

The Tigers had one of the most impressive rotations in baseball last year and arguably our ace was Max Scherzer. So, we let Max go. Traded Porcello away. Justin Verlander got injured.

For the first few weeks Tiger fans were asking “Justin who?” We were laughing at Max Scherzer’s silly thumb injury and complaining about having to bat in the National League. But…Verlander isn’t coming back for a while. The real Shane Greene and Alfredo Simon showed up. Anibal Sanchez is on the FBI’s Most Wanted list because we don’t know what happened to him and David Price has been well just ok. Kyle Lobstein all of a sudden looks like our start.

7 years $210 million? That’s a lot of pizza but with a 1.99 ERA so far this season, the Tigers Should’ve signed our ace.