Detroit Tigers: Week 8 Heroes and Zeroes

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May 28, 2015; Anaheim, CA, USA; Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera (24) is hit by a pitch in the third inning allowing a run to to score against the Los Angeles Angels in at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Often times in the long baseball season, one moment can make or break a season. You don’t know it at the time, but you look back during the first chill of autumn without Detroit Tigers’ baseball and see the turning point of the season may have arrived way back on the last day of May.

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For the Tigers, that moment may have come in the top of the seventh inning when they had a chance to salvage a little bit of redemption and failed. We will discuss this when we get to Yoenis Cespedes entry on the heroes and zeroes list in a little bit.

After a week off due to Memorial Day, we’re back with Detroit Tigers heroes and zeroes. Following a 2-5 week (and 13-16 month of May), you can imagine the zeroes greatly outweigh the heroes, but we remarkably sifted through the slime of the Tigers’ previous week to pull out two heroes.

We could have actually had three players on the heroes list if the Tigers weren’t so painfully bad last week. Despite limited playing time Tyler Collins was a bright spot, but didn’t make the cut.

The zeroes list was a cast of thousands. Those that could have rightfully made the list for their awful week, from May 24 to 31, include James McCann, Anibal Sanchez and Hernan Perez.

McCann misses the cut because he wasn’t as terrible as some of the others, Sanchez had only one (horrendous) start to save him infamy, and Perez had limited playing time but should make this list every week until the Tigers FINALLY get rid of him.

So without further fanfare, let’s get to the list–heroes first since we only have two.

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