The Detroit Tigers are horrendous at drafting players


During his fourteen years in Detroit, Dombrowski has assembled some magnificent teams, capturing two AL Championships in the process. But for as many good decisions as he has made, the head honcho and his decision-making friends cannot draft players whatsoever.

Now it’s time they are called out.

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The Detroit Tigers have a god-awful farm system, which is partly due to their ineptness in the draft room. Almost any decent player, besides Justin Verlander and Rick Porcello, that has donned the English D in the past ten years, was acquired via signing or trade. Dombrowski and his staff can not draft good players to save their lives. Organizations such as the Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros, and St. Louis Cardinals are money in the draft. Year after year they have a big prospect just waiting to break into the bigs.

The Tigers never have any prospect worth getting excited about to promote. And do you know why? Because quality players in Detroit’s farm system are non-existent. I mean, for heaven’s sake, at one point Hernan Perez was a guy we were somewhat excited about.

It’s a total domino effect. When a player, such as Victor Martinez currently, goes to the Disabled List, the team has nobody of any worth to take his place. This ultimately cripples the team because nobody is afforded the commodity of being able to get hurt. The Tigers cannot afford to have anybody get hurt.

Let me put this perspective: Cameron Maybin, Brandon Hamilton, Ryan Perry, Jacob Turner, Chance Ruffin. What is that?

Those are a few of the draft selections from the past ten years. You know it’s bad when Maybin is the best player in a list.

Of course there a few exceptions, and of course not every pick will be a home run. But it seems like Dombrowski has just been throwing darts while blindfolded ever since he took the reigns in the Motor City.

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