Detroit Tigers: All-Star issue, Tigers sign two picks, Cardinals under investigation


All anyone wants to talk about lately is the All-Star Game voting.

Until it gets corrected, we will be talking about it here at MCB. It is a crime that eight Kansas City Royals could potentially start for the American League in the All-Star Game, but the bigger issue still remains that those eight Royals will likely heavily influence whether the Detroit Tigers or any potential AL Pennant champion has home field advantage in the World Series.

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Another one of our favorite topics here at MCB is the MLB Draft. The Detroit Tigers signed their top two picks from the 2015 draft, Texas high school pitcher Beau Burrows and Tennessee outfielder Christin Stewart.

The team store will begin selling their jerseys next Monday. Just kidding, only the Philadelphia 76ers selling jerseys of players not actually on the roster yet.

The biggest news, however, from baseball on Tuesday was not from on the field or regarding the All-Star voting. The FBI are reportedly investigating the St. Louis Cardinals for hacking into the records of the Houston Astros to steal player personnel information.

Haven’t the Cardinals been to the NLCS nine times since 2000 and didn’t the Astros lose 111 games two years ago? Doesn’t really make sense that the Cardinals would be stealing some pointers from the Astros, but nonetheless, MCB will be following this story very closely.

Fact that game has impact on World Series is much bigger All-Star issue than fan voting – Chris Iott,

"Baseball fans from across the country, not counting those in the exact center of the country, are up in arms. Players on other teams are calling for changes in the voting process.With Major League Baseball posting weekly updates in the voting totals and fans’ ire increasing with every update, this issue clearly leads the running in the “dead horse that is going to continue to be flogged even deader” race this summer.If the voting ended right now, Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout and eight Royals players would be in the starting lineup. The number of potential Royals starters increased by one in the past week. Second baseman Omar Infante, who is having a terrible year, is now in line to start."

Detroit Tigers sign top two draft picks – James Jahnke, Detroit Free Press

"Jon Heyman of reported that Burrows received $2.154 million, the full amount allowed for his No. 22 overall draft slot. He had been committed to Texas A&M but now will bypass college baseball and report to the Tigers’ minor leagues.Jim Callis of reported that Stewart received $1.7951 million, the full amount for the No. 35. slot."

Cardinals hacked Astros for player information – Detroit News staff and wires

"The St. Louis Cardinals are reportedly being investigated by the FBI and the Justice Department for hacking into the records of the Houston Astros to steal player personnel information.The New York Times says private discussions about possible trades and player scouting reports were among the information that was compromised.Investigators have not said which team employees were the focus of the case, according to the report. However, the report did say that subpoenas have been served on the Cardinals and Major League Baseball for electronic correspondence."

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