Detroit Tigers: MCB ‘Tiger Talk’ June Wrap Up, Key Juncture Ahead


Motor City Bengals Podcast – Tiger Talk: June Wrap Up, Key Juncture Ahead

Motor City Bengals presents “Tiger Talk” with hosts Matt Pelc and Dave Holcomb. On this episode, Pelc and Holcomb discuss the month of June for the Detroit Tigers, who are 11-8 in the month with just Tuesday’s game remaining. Detroit has continued to play well against AL Central opponents but still find themselves behind the Kansas City Royals and the Minnesota Twins in the division race.

The good news is the offense is now awake. Miguel Cabrera hit .388 in June, and Yoenis Cespedes was also over .300. Victor Martinez is back and had a key hit in the, 5-4, comeback victory over the Chicago White Sox on Sunday. V-Mart seems to be the offensive cataylst this team needs. Additionally, J.D. Martinez hit 10 bombs in the month of June.

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It is key for all these players to continue to hit in this next part of the schedule. Tigers fans probably assume the team will be buyers at the deadline, but honestly, the team hasn’t proven they are a true contender. Another prolonged losing streak could force the Tigers to sell and change the course of the entire franchise.

The next important juncture starts with the series versus the Pirates on Tuesday. Pittsburgh will throw its best three starting pitchers in the series, but luckily, Justin Verlander will be ready to square off against Gerrit Cole on Tuesday, and the Tigers have the advantage of the designated hitter. Next, the Tigers will have to cool off the hot bats of the Toronto Blue Jays over the fourth of July weekend. Pelc and Holcomb provide their thoughts on Verlander, the Pirates series, and Blue Jays series.

Finally, in the ‘Around the League’ segment, the two hosts return to an earlier topic they discussed back in March. Outside the Lines reported finding a notebook containing evidence that Pete Rose bet on baseball while still playing. Pelc and Holcomb share their new opinions on the “Rose to the Hall” debate with this latest piece of information.

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