Detroit Tigers: Price contract update, Iglesias surprised, lack of offense


Detroit Tigers fans sure would like an update on the David Price contract situation between the left-hander and the organization. If the Tigers have a realistic chance of signing the left-hander long-term, then the club wouldn’t have to worry about making the tough decision on whether or not to trade him at the deadline in two weeks.

Unfortunately as of the All-Star Break, the latest update on a potential contract between Price and the Tigers is there isn’t an update.

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Price took the decision in the, 6-3, victory for the American League in the All-Star Game Tuesday night, but he wasn’t the only Tigers player to shine. Shortstop Jose Iglesias made a nice play in the hole between second and third to throw out Dodgers catcher Yasmani Grandal at first base.

But even Iglesias still couldn’t believe he would be playing in the Mid-Summer Classic on Tuesday.

Even though the American League finished the All-Star Game with six runs, pitchers have definitely been dominating this era of baseball. Former Detroit Tiger Ruppert Jones shared his thoughts on why that is the case and offered a solution that could help turn the tide back in favor of the offense.

Price really pitching in, but Tigers future uncertain – Chris McCosky, The Detroit News

"There is little question that, right now, the starting price for his services will be more than $200 million.As for the Tigers? Their direction, organizationally and as a team, is as nebulous as it’s been since Dombrowski took charge in 2001. He is in the final year of his contract. It is uncharacteristic of the Tigers to leave the man in charge of baseball operations in a lame-duck position.Dombrowski made it clear nothing has changed for him. He still is looking after the best interests of the club, short term and long term. But, he stressed, he works for the Ilitch family. They own the club. They are his bosses. They call the shots."

Tigers’ Iglesias even surprised himself with All-Star bid – Anthony Fenech, Detroit Free Press

"“I didn’t expect this one so quickly,” he said. “But I’m blessed for it.”Iglesias, the Detroit Tigers’ 25-year-old shortstop, rubbed shoulders with the best baseball players in the world the past two days in Cincinnati. He is the best fielding shortstop in the American League and arguably all of baseball, with only Atlanta’s Andrelton Simmons in his company.“Iglesias is a pretty good shortstop,” said former Tiger Jhonny Peralta, now an All-Star with the St. Louis Cardinals. “I mean he’s one of the best defenders I see. Quick guy, he can do everything and he deserves to be here.”"

Former Detroit Tiger Ruppert Jones: Lack of offense fault of hitters – Steve Vedder,

"Ruppert Jones thinks a return to higher run totals in Major League Baseball is as simple as a change in philosophy.The trouble, he said, is a lack of willingness on the part of hitters to change that philosophy. The former Detroit Tiger blames stubbornness and a lack of preparation on the part of hitters for baseball’s sinking offensive production.“You just don’t manufacture runs any more,” said Jones, a 12-year major league veteran who played a key role in the Tigers’ 1984 World Championship club,“Teams don’t steal any more or hit-and-run or move runners along. Look at Kansas City last year – they did all those things. You just can’t sit back and wait for the three-run homer.”"

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