Detroit Tigers: MCB ‘Tiger Talk’ Peaks and Valleys


Motor City Bengals Podcast – Tiger Talk: Peaks and Valleys

Motor City Bengals Presents “Tiger Talk” with host Dave Holcomb and guest host Steve Mitzel. Regular host Matt Pelc was attending to a family matter this week and hopes to return in the next show.

The inconsistency of the Detroit Tigers play has been well documented on “Tiger Talk”, but there probably hasn’t been a great example of it than the past few days. On Monday, second baseman Ian Kinsler hit two home runs with the second coming in the eighth inning to give Detroit a, 5-4, comeback victory.

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Metaphorically, that game was a peak for Detroit, but the valley was the day before when right-hander Justin Verlander allowed seven runs and didn’t make it out of the fourth inning on Sunday. Holcomb and Mitzel breakdown the Tigers emotional roller coaster in the first segment.

In the second segment, Mitzel shares his opinions on the All-Star Break, including the Home Run Derby setup and new format. He also expresses his displeasure of J.D. Martinez being left out of the contest.

Finally, in the “Around te League” segment, Holcomb and Mitzel talk potential buyers, sellers and trades that could go down in the next week. All that and more on “Tiger Talk”.

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