Detroit Tigers Rumors: If David Price available, there will be a bidding war


As the days before the trading deadline have ticked down and the Detroit Tigers have suffered humiliating loss after humiliating loss, a certain faction of fans have become enraged that the team has not been rumored to be selling. In fact in many rumors, it appears that the team is still looking to buy.

Teams have inquired with the Tigers about possible trades, but have been rebuffed despite the struggles on the field and the poor depth within the organization.

According to Bob Nightengale, several teams are looking at David Price and salivating much like my dogs drool when I pull a juicy steak off the grill. So much so that they are ready and willing to get into a bidding war for the two- or three-month rental known as David Price.

Despite Price’s pedestrian effort on the mound last night (5 runs, 7 hits) and the fact that the team has gone 0-3 in his last three starts after going 15-3 to start the season, teams are apparently going full steam to get the 2012 Cy Young winner for the stretch run.

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This is the point many of the fans in the “Sell Camp” bring up. The Tigers are going nowhere with the current players on the roster, so why not raise the white flag and go after prospects to being a new era and try to quickly retool this team back into a legitimate contender?

It seems clear that Price is not coming back, so what’s the harm?

Perhaps Dave Dombrowski is playing coy and waiting until the last minute in order to get a king’s ransom for his players? After all, he has always waited until the last minute to add pieces to the contending teams at the trading deadline.

Alas, we may be giving him too much credit, at least according to Joel Sherman who followed up that Nightengale Tweet.


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