Detroit Tigers: MCB ‘Tiger Talk’ Why Are You Still Watching


Motor City Bengals Podcast – Detroit Tigers: Why Are You Still Watching

Motor City Bengals Presents “Tiger Talk” with host Dave Holcomb and guest host Steve Mitzel.

Despite falling five games below .500, there are some positive takeaways from the last week of Detroit Tigers baseball. For one, first baseman Miguel Cabrera is back on the field. Two, Justin Verlander has returned to form, posting a 1.75 ERA in his last five starts.

MCB Staff Writer Tom Zahari started the conversation about why he has continued to watch the Detroit Tigers despite the team falling five games below .500 in his column “Are You Entertained” on Monday morning. Besides Cabrera and Verlander, Mitzel and Holcomb give their other reasons for continuing to follow the Tigers down the stretch.

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In the second segment, the show moves the conversation to the American League Wild Card race. The Tigers are five games back but as mentioned before, also five games below .500. Do they still have a realistic shot of making the playoffs?

If they do, so do the Chicago White Sox, Minnesota Twins, Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays. Not to mention, the Los Angeles of Anaheim, Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays are the three leading candidates for the two Wild Card spots. Holcomb and Mitzel try to make sense of the AL Wild Card race.

They also provide their picks for MVP in each league. What is so interesting about the tight races, though, is which teams make the playoffs could have a say on who ends up with the MVP trophies. Does the league MVP have to come from a playoff team? Find out what our hosts think in the second segment.

To wrap up the show, Mitzel and Holcomb share their thoughts on a proposed change to the current playoff system in baseball. All that and more in this episode of “Tiger Talk”.

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