Detroit Tigers: Super Martinez Bros Trade, Dombrowski announced in Boston, front line pitcher needed


Since the Detroit Tigers parted ways with Dave Dombrowski (who was officially brought on board with the Boston Red Sox on Wednesday–we’ll get to that momentarily) are they still on a reboot, or is it now a rebuild?

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One writer, former Major League GM Jim Bowden, seems to think the best course of action for the Tigers to get back to being one of the premier American League teams is to ship out the Super Martinez Bros., more commonly known as Victor Martinez and J.D. Martinez.

A notion that is crazy if the Tigers are expecting to reboot, or perhaps a better term would be retool. Drop-kicking the Martinezes out of town would send off the alarm bells to Detroit baseball fans that this is a rebuild.

I am not sure that V-Mart would command much with a high salary for an aging player that cannot play in the field anymore. He has had a disappointing season, largely because of injuries but after missing 2012 completely because of injuries and parts of this year it might be hard to argue he will be a great or good player again. But V-Mart has surprised before.

It makes more sense on J.D., even though I would not agree with the move. J.D. Mart would fetch a nice return as one of the emerging sluggers in the game, however the Detroit Tigers are seemingly rebooting their team around a nucleus of Martinez-Martinez-Jose IglesiasNick CastellanosMiguel Cabrera. They will add free agents into the mix this season and go from there.

Trading J.D. Martinez is not a new thing. MCB staffer Zane Stalberg floated this very idea nearly six weeks ago when the team was still competing and trading anyone before the end of the season was not even on the radar. The distinction here with Zane over Bowden’s silliness, of course, was if the Tigers are rebuilding, which they seemingly are not.

The man that will no longer decide anyone’s future in Detroit was introduced in a Wednesday press conference as the new head man of the Red Sox. A few tidbits of his time in Detroit and the end came up including how the lack of contract for 2016 and beyond on either end (Dombrowski or Ilitch) was not the ultimate reason for the split.

Finally, in a season of puzzling seasons by Tigers’ players, no one’s is more odd than Anibal Sanchez. Heading into the season, the club was relying on a healthy Sanchez to anchor the middle of the rotation, but it’s been a roller coaster ride thus far. He’s gone down, up and then back down again, each time allowing homers in bunches–already eclipsing his career high with about 5-6 starts left in the season.

Brad Faber reiterates the importance of the Tigers going out and finding a big name free agent starter to anchor that rotation. If you cannot rely on your middle guys, you had better get a solid arm or two to anchor the beginning of it.

Writer suggests Tigers trade J.D. Martinez, V-Mart – Steve Schrader, Detroit Free Press

"Trade J.D. Martinez, Shane Greene and prospect Joe Jimenez to the Atlanta Braves in exchange for Julio Teheran.Says Bowden: “The Braves need another impact bat to put between Freddie Freeman and Hector Olivera in the middle of their lineup, and Martinez would be a perfect fit both baseball-wise and in their payroll structure. …“Meanwhile, Teheran gives the Tigers an affordable yet bona fide impact starter to put with Justin Verlander and Anibal Sanchez at the top of their rotation.”Teheran has been solid for three years, but this season he’s 8-6 with a 4.44 ERA.• Now, Bowden says, “The Tigers should look into trading Victor Martinez. …“They don’t have to get a big-named player in return — perhaps Preston Tucker from the Houston Astros or C.J. Cron from the Los Angeles Angels — but trading Martinez would save money and allow the team to get younger.“It’s a proven bat for a developing one. … It’s a move that could put them over the top. It’s doubtful either team would make that type of trade, but it’s at least worth exploring.”"

Detroit Tigers, Dave Dombrowski Contract Issues Not Reason For Split – iFreePress

"Dombrowski’s wheeling and dealing kept the Tigers competitive the last half-decade. He is angry it hasn’t happened yet, and that explains why he got rid of Dombrowski.It’s hard to argue with what Dombrowski built."

Anibal Sanchez’s Struggles Illustrate Detroit Tigers’ Need To Add Another Front-Of-The-Rotation Arm For 2016 – Brad Faber, Rant Sports

"One of the major concerns for the Tigers right now is starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez, who is currently in the third year of a five-year, $80 million deal. Through 25 starts this season, Sanchez has gone 10-10 with a 4.99 ERA, a 4.71 FIP and a 1.28 WHIP. Most alarmingly, he has given up an MLB-worst 29 home runs and a-tied-for-AL-worst 87 earned runs.While a reunion with David Price seems quite unlikely at the moment, the Tigers may be wise to consider making a run at Jordan Zimmermann, Johnny Cueto or Scott Kazmir this offseason. In a perfect-world scenario, Verlander and Zimmermann/Cueto/Kazmir could form an excellent 1-2 punch, and Sanchez could stay healthy and at least get back to being a 3.0-ish fWAR player. This could give the Tigers enough security to let the final two spots in the rotation come down to a battle between Daniel Norris, Matt Boyd, Buck Farmer, Kyle Ryan, Kyle Lobstein, Shane Greene and Michael Fulmer."

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