Detroit Tigers: MCB ‘Tiger Talk’ Trivia Contest


Motor City Bengals Podcast – Tiger Talk: Enter Contest and Win a Signed Victor Martinez Ball

Motor City Bengals Presents “Tiger Talk” with hosts Matt Pelc and Dave Holcomb.

On this episode, the two hosts finally reveal the trivia contest to win the signed Victor Martinez ball. Pelc asks the trivia question in the first segment of the show. If you want to participate, send the answer to MCB_Tigers or search Motor City Bengals on Facebook. For everything Mizuno, follow their social media accounts listed below and visit their website:

Twitter: @MizunoBaseball
Instagram: @MizunoBaseball

As for the rest of the show, Holcomb and Pelc discuss the reemergence of Justin Verlander and what that means for the Detroit Tigers heading into 2016. The hosts also debate Verlander’s last quote about why the Tigers failed in 2015.

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In the ‘Around the League’ segment, the conversation moves to New York Mets starter Matt Harvey, who has been the center of controversy for his inability to confirm that he will pitch in the postseason. Pelc and Holcomb share their thoughts on how absurd the idea of Harvey sitting out in October would be. All that and more coming up.

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