Detroit Tigers: MCB ‘Tiger Talk’ That’s All for 2015 Folks


Motor City Bengals Podcast – Tiger Talk: That’s All Folks

Motor City Bengals Presents “Tiger Talk” with hosts Matt Pelc and Dave Holcomb.

This is the final episode of MCB’s “Tiger Talk” during the 2015 regular season. On this last show, Holcomb and Pelc share their thoughts on Brad Ausmus sticking around for the 2016 season. As one can imagine, the move didn’t make either host very happy. The hosts also have a “cheer” and “jeer” type segment where Pelc and Holcomb each name their Detroit Tigers team MVP, best pitcher, most disappointing player and most disappointing pitcher for the 2015 season.

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In the second segment, “Tiger Talk” welcomes back MCB Staff Writer Steve Mitzel. The hosts ask Mitzel’s reaction to the news about Ausmus and also discuss the latest debacle going on in Washington. On Sunday, relief pitcher Jonathan Papelbon and right fielder Bryce Harper got into a little boxing bout. Well, actually Papelbon grabbed Harper by the neck. It was so much more interesting than the shoving match Jose Iglesias and James McCann were in a month or so ago.

Finally, to wrap up the first season of “Tiger Talk”, Holcomb and Pelc share their postseason predictions. According to our hosts, the Kansas City Royals and Toronto Blue Jays are clearly the top two teams in the American League, but neither one can figure out the crowded National League Central.

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