Ian Kinsler Named 2015 Fielding Bible Winner


Congratulations goes to Ian Kinsler for winning the Fielding Bible Award for his performance at second base in 2015. He shares the award with infield players Paul Goldschmidt, Nolan Arenado, and Andrelton Simmons as well as outfielders Starling Marte, Kevin Kiermaier, and Jason Heyward. Buster Posey and Dallas Keuchel earned the award for their performances on the mound and at home plate. Ender Inciarte won for being a multi-positional player.

Kinsler received this award because he saved 19 runs at second base in 2015. When it comes to defensive runs saved, Kinsler has dominated with 50 saves between 2013-2015; the closest number of saves by another player is 19. In 2014, Dustin Pedroia won the award with Kinsler finishing in second place. This year, Dee Gordon finished second with six fewer saves.

Kinsler’s outstanding play at second this year was not just noticed by the Fielding Bible voters; he is also in the running for a Gold Glove. He has never been named a Gold Glove winner and this is his first award from the Fielding Bible voters, too. His Gold Glove competitors at second base are Jose Altuve and Brian Dozier. Teammate J.D. Martinez is also a finalist for a Gold Glove for his 15 assists at right field.  

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The Fielding Bible Awards are not separated into National and American Leagues; so, it is more difficult to be named a winner. The twelve experts who are involved in John Dewan’s Fielding Bible believed that Kinsler was the best second baseman in the Major League. Tigers fans who enjoyed watching Kinsler make his flying catches and nimble throws throughout 2015 certainly agree.