Detroit Tigers: End of the Year Press Conference Translation Guide

Detroit Tigers general manager Al Avila watches spring training.
Detroit Tigers general manager Al Avila watches spring training. /

 We bring back the Detroit Tigers translation guide as we attempt to translate Al Avila’s comments to the press yesterday at the end of the year presser via Zoom.

During summer camp, MCB provided a translation guide for Detroit Tigers fans on Al Avila’s comments. It was a lot of fun to do to determine the message he is sending out to the public and put our own spin on it. So here’s the second edition of the “MCB Translation Guide” as we try to navigate you through all the cliches and talk to get to what Al Avila was trying to say. (Disclaimer: This is an attempt at humor with observations and noting past behaviors)

Free Agency:

When talking to the press yesterday, the topic of free agency came up.  This is what Avila said on the Zoom call.

“As far as free agency, I really can’t sit here right now and tell you what we’re going to do, or even how much we’re going to spend, if we’re going to spend,”

MCB Translation:  Michael Brantley, starting pitchers for multiple years to shore up the depth, are not happening, sorry!  We may be searching for more one-year bargains. Or, throw out what we have in our system.

Jake Rogers and the catching situation.

When asked about catcher Jake Rogers, he said is the “real deal” but there are questions about his bat and how it would play up on this level.  The reason why he was not called up was due to getting him at-bats and it was suggested by Avila he would complete with Grayson Greiner and Eric Haase.

“I felt it would benefit him more, and the organization, to keep him down there (in Toledo), where he’s not going to be scrutinized as much, and then wait until spring training comes along and go from there,” Avila said. “Just because we didn’t bring him up the last two or three weeks of the season doesn’t mean anything to me.”

MCB Translation:  We may have soured on him, despite his changes to his swing over the winter into spring training. We want to keep him competing against one backup who struggled to hit all season and sent down because he could not hit at all. So anyone interested in a catcher, give us call!

When it came to asking about a free agent catcher or bringing back Austin Romine…

“If you really want an upgrade (at catcher), you have to develop your own,” he said.

MCB Translation: No translation needed,  they are just going to use what they have.

Willi Castro.

“We feel he has the athletic ability to play anywhere in the infield,” Avila said. “At the end of the day, you have to hit and the guys that hit, you find a place for them….I think overall, he will be fine and he should be a good everyday guy for us.”

MCB Translation: He will be somewhere. Where exactly…not sure but he’s fine, folks!

Miguel Cabrera

“I’ve been thinking about that a lot,” Avila said. “I would personally love to see him back at first base. However, we know there are risks. Look at C.J. Cron, a perfectly healthy guy, and one little move and he has to have knee surgery.

“I have no doubt in my mind that (Cabrera) can go and play first base. When we hire the new manager, we’ll probably take a look at it. I can’t tell you I look at him as a full-time everyday first baseman, just because of the risk factor. It’s not really in his personal best interest, nor ours. But I’m not going to rule out that maybe he can play first base from time to time.

MCB Translation: I will let the new manager handle that. I am staying out of that drama.  (Cabrera expressed an interest in returning to the field)