Detroit Tigers: Miguel Cabrera wants Justin Verlander to come back

It is pretty clear outside of Detroit Tigers fans who want Justin Verlander back in a Tigers uniform, one legend shoots his shot on Instagram.

Our contributors here at Motor City Bengals have a strong sense of not only history but like other Detroit Tigers fans, want to bring back Justin Verlander in a Tigers uniform.

Granted, both Yooper and Jacob make their case separately and fans use social media to speak it into existence.

So it should not come as no surprise that future Hall of Famer Miguel Cabrera, who was his teammate with JV from 2008 until 2017, posted a comment on Justin Verlander’s Instagram after his throwing session yesterday.

The Tigers do need starting pitching help as Matthew Boyd and Spencer Turnbull come into the 2022 season with question marks with injuries. The Tigers’ rotation towards the end of the season was held together by a mix of bullpen starts and arms stepping up like Tyler Alexander, Wily Peralta, and Drew Hutchenson.

Verlander had Tommy John surgery last October and has been progressing back for a return in 2022.  As far as staying in Houston, owner Jim Crane has indicated that he would give Verlander a qualifying offer but would have to see how that would work out.

Per the usual, the standard teams in free agency will need pitching like the New York Yankees and Mets are suggested and our friends over at Halo Hangout like the idea of Verlander in an Angels uniform.

Here in Detroit, it isn’t just us who feel Verlander would be a good idea, the Freep ($) even suggested it.  Justin Verlander is the best homegrown pitcher the Tigers have had in quite some time and is likely headed to the Hall of Fame someday.

For now, let’s enjoy his Instagram post like Miguel Cabrera did for what it is, a daughter excited to see her father.