6 Detroit Tigers players who won't survive the trade deadline

The Detroit Tigers roster will change dramatically at the trade deadline
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The Detroit Tigers roster is about to change in a big way at the trade deadline

The Detroit Tigers are likely to sell at the trade deadline. They have a few players that other teams could be interested in. There are also some players who won't be traded that are on thin ice on this roster.

The trade deadline represents the point in the season where teams decide whether they want to be contenders. That obviously means players get traded, but it also means that teams start giving some youngers players a chance. We saw this last year with the Tigers when they called up Kerry Carpenter, and he's become one of their best hitters.

We could seem something very similar this year with players like Parker Meadows, Justyn-Henry Malloy (health permitting), and even Colt Keith. This means more veteran players would get the boot.

Today, we're going to go over six Detroit Tigers players that won't survive the trade deadline. There will be three players who will likely be traded, and three that will be off the roster in another fashion, whether they're DFA'd or otherwise. Let's get started.

SP Eduardo Rodriguez

We won't spend too much time on this one, since E-rod is by far the Tigers most valuable trade piece and we did a trade proposals article on him last week. But he is almost assuredly gone.

E-rod will have plenty of suitors. He is on a potentially expiring contract, depending on if he opts out, which seems likely given how well he's pitched this season.

He pitched seven innings of two-run ball Wednesday night in Kansas City to give him an ERA of 2.69 on the year. He's walked less than two batters per nine innings now on the year. He's a strike-throwing machine.

The Tigers could get a nice return for E-rod if Scott Harris plays his cards right.