Detroit Tigers: 6 spooky scenarios that are frightening to think about

In the spirit of Halloween, we have come up with some scary scenarios for the Detroit Tigers.
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Casey Mize can't recover from TJS and is forced to retire

Speaking of Tommy John surgery, remember Casey Mize? You know, the No. 1 overall pick in 2018? If you did, we don't blame you. Mize had to undergo TJS about midway through the 2022 season, and his rehab has taken longer than expected. The likelihood of him pitching for the Tigers in 2023 was slim, but the fact that he didn't at least pitch in a minor league rehab appearance was concerning to some fans.

The Tigers have maintained that Mize's rebab process has been completely normal, but some fans still aren't buying it. Even I won't lie, the thought has crossed my mind: what if Mize can't recover from this? What if he has to retire?

It doesn't see that likely, but one thing to remember is that Mize isn't just recovering from TJS. He back surgery around the same time. That's two major surgeries in a very short time period. There's only so much the human body can take.

Mize did through some live BPs this season, and reports were mostly encouraging, but when he was shut down after experiencing some fatigue, its easy to understand why fans would worry. He still has this whole offseason to prepare, so we're far from ready to call it a career for him, but this scary thought is not as unplausible as it seems.