Detroit Tigers could take a chance on Willy Adames as the Brewers shop him

While the Detroit Tigers are unlikely to make a trade right now, the Milwaukee Brewers are shopping some of their players. The Tigers need to take a chance on Willy Adames.
Milwaukee Brewers shortstop Willy Adames (27) waits for the pitch during the first inning of a game.
Milwaukee Brewers shortstop Willy Adames (27) waits for the pitch during the first inning of a game. / Jovanny Hernandez / Milwaukee Journal

Detroit Tigers should check in on Willy Adames.

The Detroit Tigers have been busy this off-season. One of the things they did recently was to extend Colt Keith, a move that made headlines since he has yet to even make his big-league debut. The Tigers are seemingly done on the free agent and trade market.

They may not be in the market to do anything else this off-season, but the Detroit Tigers could take a chance with the Milwaukee Brewers in "sell" mode. If they wanted to bring in some extra depth on the infield, they could make a pass at Willy Adames, who has seemingly been put on the trade block.

The one catch with a trade for Adames is that he is a primary shortstop, but there's speculation he could play second or third if the Tigers move him around. But, again, that's all based on the assumption that the Tigers would even make a move like that. I'm not sold on them making this kind of a trade, but there's some intrigue to it.

Adames was a former international Tigers signee when he signed with the club in 2012, coming up with the organization. So, it would be a full-circle moment for him to return to Detroit. He was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays in the three-team deal that brought David Price to Detroit in 2014.

In 2021, Adames was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers, where he has spent parts of the last three years. He's been the shortstop in Milwaukee for two years and is fresh from a 149-game performance in 2023. He slashed .217/.310/.407 with 29 doubles, two triples, and 24 home runs, with 80 runs driven in.

Now, Adames is in the last year before he hits the free agent market, and the Brewers are reportedly in the market to move the 28-year-old. The former Tiger should have his name tossed around the team's front office as a potential target.

Sure, it would likely add a logjam on the infield, assuming that Colt Keith will be on the Opening Day roster, but Adames sure would provide some quality depth. Assuming Keith will play second base, Zach McKinstry slides to the bench, and Matt Vierling will play third. Again, this is all purely hypothetical.


Keith could move to third, Adames could slide to second, or Adames could slide to third. Heck, Javier Báez once was a second baseman by trade and could make a move back there. It's not like he's the glue of the infield; he should be, but his bat has not quite carried that weight.

I want to buy in on Báez after his work this off-season that he supposedly put in, but with A.J. Hinch not really giving him much of a vote of confidence, it's hard to buy it. It's an outside-the-box opportunity and one the Tigers are not likely to be considering, but it would be intriguing.

I want Detroit to take a flier on Adames and see what happens in 2024, but it's improbable and unlikely. An extension could get handed out, or the Tigers go their separate ways and continue to take their chances on the free-agent market or from within to stockpile the infield. With the Brewers looking to unload, Detroit's got a chance to try and swing a deal.

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