Detroit Tigers: Jose Cisnero joins list of playoff rentals to hit waiver wire

Detroit Tigers place Jose Cisnero on outright waivers.
 Detroit Tigers relief pitcher Jose Cisnero (67) asks for a new ball.
Detroit Tigers relief pitcher Jose Cisnero (67) asks for a new ball. / David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers reliever Jose Cisnero placed on waivers.

The big news around Major League Baseball on Tuesday was when the Los Angeles Angels unloaded a crop of enticing names onto the waiver wire ahead of the postseason deadline. The Detroit Tigers opted to join in on the fun themselves with a move of their own.

While the Angles dropped names like Lucas Giolito and Hunter Renfroe, Detroit followed up with something slight. The Detroit Tigers placed veteran reliever Jose Cisnero on outright waivers to join the crop of exciting names who hit the list on Tuesday.

The 34-year-old reliever has pitched in the Tigers bullpen for the past five seasons, and the team has opted to part ways with the right-hander. He has accrued enough service time to refuse a demotion to the minor leagues, and he could very easily be claimed by an opposing ballclub before then.

The influx of players being placed on waivers came on Tuesday as teams placed some higher-profile names on waivers ahead of the deadline for players to be eligible for the postseason. The deadline is September 1st, meaning players must be on the competing club's big-league roster by then.

With Cisnero's move to the waiver wire, he has until Thursday to be claimed by an opposing team. If no one is to claim the veteran right-hander, Cisnero will be given his outright release, pulling him off the books for the Tigers.

This move would free up some cash moving forward and allow for a 40-man roster spot to open up. While Cisnero has not performed the greatest lately, he was a significant piece of the puzzle the last few seasons.

He's never really been some amazing reliever, but he's held his own and been a serviceable option for the Tigers to call upon. In 2023, Cisnero logged 54 games for the Tigers, accumulating 48.2 innings pitched.

Cisnero pitched to a 5.36 ERA, a 1.50 WHIP, and has walked 20 while striking out 56 opposing hitters. He's been a fixture in the bullpen the past few seasons, and the 2023 season has not quite panned out as many would have hoped.

He hits the waiver wire among some big names that could entice contending teams as they look to stockpile depth on their respective big league clubs to gear up for a postseason run. While Cisnero's numbers may not be exciting, some team who wants a proven veteran may take a flier.

The only thing cautioning me from thinking he will be a sure bet to be scooped up is the other names made available on Tuesday, which will catch the eyes of the opposition instead. Either way, Cisnero was placed on waivers and is likely heading toward his outright release.

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