Detroit Tigers outfielder Kerry Carpenter experiences injury setback

Detroit Tigers right fielder Kerry Carpenter catches a fly ball.
Detroit Tigers right fielder Kerry Carpenter catches a fly ball. / Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK

Detroit Tigers announce Kerry Carpenter experienced a setback.

The Detroit Tigers announced their medical update earlier this week. Part of it announced that outfielder Kerry Carpenter experienced a setback while going through his rehab and recovery process for his shoulder injury.

According to the Detroit Tigers' medical update, there was shoulder discomfort during tee work from the left-handed hitting outfielder, and they put a pause on his return to play progression. He is going to be re-evaluated as the week comes to an end to come up with the next steps for his rehab.

Here's the Tigers medical update on Twitter:

On April 28th, the Tigers outfielder would exit the game early, and it was later announced that he had sustained a shoulder injury. This has led to his stint on the Injured List (IL), leaving the Tigers without their left-handed hitting bat.

Carpenter sustained the injury while robbing a home run. He was able to bring one back into the park on a ball hit by Ryan Mountcastle during the Tigers' series with the Baltimore Orioles. He crashed into the wall but held onto the ball and earned the out.

The Tigers outfielder came out of the game after, which was not super shocking as he hit the wall pretty hard. So there was some worry that he may have had a separated shoulder, but it was just a sprain, allowing him to start his return to play progression quickly.

However, as noted, it will take some more time as he needs to continue to take time off and make sure he can come back at 100%. Carpenter has slashed .217/.280/.464 with five doubles, four home runs, and eight RBI over 20 games.

The Tigers were getting good production from Carpenter, and after ending up with some discomfort, he had to put a pause on his return. The setback sucks, especially when the Tigers would probably like to have Carpenter's bat back in the lineup, but he could be back on his rehab progression as early as this weekend/next week.

The Tigers continue to squeak out the wins, so having a healthy crop of players helps them have a deeper lineup. They may not be full of All-Stars or players that will bring home a World Series, but somehow the Tigers continue to find a way.

While Carpenter sustained his setback, there's hope that it could be brief and he can get back into his rehab progression quickly.

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