Detroit Tigers: Is a Parker Meadows call-up on the way?

Not until after the deadline, but Parker Meadows may don a Detroit Tigers jersey in 2023.
Detroit Tigers center fielder Parker Meadows (22) throws one in front the outfield.
Detroit Tigers center fielder Parker Meadows (22) throws one in front the outfield. / Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers may call up Parker Meadows in August.

While the fate of the Detroit Tigers trade deadline is yet to come, there is a likelihood that the team goes out and makes a few moves. The rumors have been circling about their pitching staff for the most part, but then again, Kerry Carpenter could be shipped off if some sort of package returns the right players; he's likely to be kept around, though.

If the Detroit Tigers do indeed make a move or two before the trade deadline, it could leave some room in the 40-man roster to bring up some new faces or at least to fill some holes. For the Tigers, giving Parker Meadows may not be the worst thing in the world.

Even if the team does not make a trade, the expanded rosters later on in 2023 could very much so allow for the Tigers to bring up Meadows on a trial basis. For the Tigers, it might be worth a shot. At this point, it would just be nice to see what the kid can do and see what the Tigers might be getting themselves into.

While their outfield group may be pretty much occupied, it's worth mixing in the young kid to see what he's got. After all, the teams' 26-man roster has a few names who should be viewed as expendable or at least viewed as worthy of a "reset" in the minors.

For the Tigers, bringing up Meadows may not be the most popular decision, but considering a post-deadline call-up, or expanded rosters call-up, the Tigers could give the youngster a shot. He's a former second-round pick of the Tigers out of high school, spending his prep days down in Georgia.

For Meadows, he's taken some time to acclimate and develop to make his way through the organization, but in the last two seasons or so, he has been able to see things "click" a bit more and start his rise after a slow start with the organization.

In 2023, Meadows has spent his time with the Toledo Mud Hens at the Triple-A level. He has slashed .262/.341/.471 with 23 doubles, five triples, and 14 home runs. He has 47 RBI and has also swiped 12 bags on 14 attempts. He's drawn 45 walks and punched out 98 times this season.

It's not a move that will happen in July, but it could be on the radar once the calendar flips and the team settles things down after the trade deadline. It's pure speculation on my part, but it may not be the worst thing to try and get Meadows a shot at the big leagues.

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