Detroit Tigers: Taking a look at Parker Meadows performance early on

Parker Meadows is off to a great start with the Detroit Tigers.
Aug 31, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Detroit Tigers center fielder Parker Meadows (22) sits in
Aug 31, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Detroit Tigers center fielder Parker Meadows (22) sits in / Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers outfielder Parker Meadows is off to a great start.

The Detroit Tigers may not have a ton to be super excited about when it comes to their 2023 season. However, they are showing the ability to bring some of their young players up from the minors, giving them chances to get some reps in the big leagues.

One of the players the Detroit Tigers have called up to make his debut is Parker Meadows. He's the brother of Austin Meadows, who has struggled to stay on the field during his time in Detroit as he continues to work through some mental health struggles.

But Parker, his younger brother, has arrived in Detroit. Meadows has made his debut and begun his career in the big leagues patrolling the outfield for Detroit. Before Riley Greene sustained his right arm injury, an outfield with Greene and Meadows looked nice, thinking about the future of the Tigers team.

Meadows got off to a hot start with a walk-off home run and has also done an excellent job showing off the blazing speed on the basepaths to this point. He's crossed over the 50-at-bat threshold, so why not look at how things are going in the early goings for Meadows?

Meadows has slashed .250/.344/.385 over 52 at-bats with two doubles, a triple, a home run, and eight RBI to his credit. He's managed eight walks to 17 strikeouts thus far as he continues to acclimate to the big leagues and log at-bats in the Tigers lineup.

It's early in his career, but Meadows has done an excellent job adjusting in the big leagues after being called up. It's only been 52 at-bats, but the Tigers youngster has shown that he will be able to jump into the team's outfield and a be a key piece of the puzzle moving forward.

As mentioned, the Tigers 2023 season is not headed down any real exciting roads. But, for the future, the team needs to go out and do what they can to build. This means building a winner and finding the players who are going to make up that team.

It's really early, but Meadows has shown that he might be a player who can stick in the team's outfield and be a producer in the lineup moving forward. He's come a long way on his road to Detroit. Even if it took him some time, he's in Detroit now and starting to settle in. It's early, but there's been plenty, like with Meadows's performance.

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