Detroit Tigers: The 3 best retirement gifts Miguel Cabrera has received from opposing teams

Miguel Cabrera has received a retirement gift from every team, and some of them have actually been pretty cool.
Detroit Tigers v Cleveland Guardians
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2. New York Yankees — Subway sign and painting of Miguel Cabrera's home run off Mariano Rivera in 2013

There were a few teams that gave Miggy something that recreated a memory that happened in their home stadium, such as the Blue Jays giving him a framed photo of his 500th home run. But what the Yankees gave him was extra special.

The Yanks gave him a painting of his home run off Mariano Rivera back in 2013, which we recently ranked as the best home run of his Tigers career. Not only that, but they also gave him an autographed Yankee Stadium subway sign.

The Yankees also made a $10,000 donation to the Miggy foundation, which was a very nice gesture. The Bronx bombers stepped up their game in a big way.

The painting was incredibly well done, and the subway sign was very creative and very New York-centric. It's easily one of the best gifts Miggy has gotten on his retirement tour.