Detroit Tigers: Top 10 moments of Miguel Cabrera's career

Ending Miggy Month with the top 10 moments of his storied career.
Colorado Rockies v Detroit Tigers - Game One
Colorado Rockies v Detroit Tigers - Game One / Duane Burleson/GettyImages
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5. Walkoff home run off Chris Perez — Aug. 5, 2012

This is a home run that often goes overlooked in Miggy's career, but we didn't forget about it. Right in the middle of his Triple Crown season, Miggy came up and delivered in extra innings.

Facing one of the better closers in the game at the time in Chris Perez, he came up and hit one out to left center to give the Tigers a huge win over Cleveland.

This is a home run that we named one of the top 5 home runs of Cabrera's career, and rightfully so. This dinger set the tone for the secod half of the Tigers' 2012 season in which they reached the World Series.

This is a pretty good moment to kick off the top five. What's next?