Detroit Tigers Top 30 Prospects for 2024: #3 Max Clark

Detroit Tigers first round pick from 2023, Max Clark, comes in at third overall on our countdown of Tigers prospects ahead of the 2024 season.
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Detroit Tigers prospect Max Clark's frame & stance

Clark is a 6-1, 205-pound build. It's a lean and athletic frame that oozes twitch/athleticism throughout. He's shown strength throughout. I'm not sure there's a ton of room to add in more physicality; it feels like a pretty maxed build in terms of what he's capable of, given the profile.

The fast & twitchy outfielder with a ton of athleticism that he is is good. Putting on more weight, even in muscle mass, could affect that twitch, and it feels like the Tigers are going to aim to develop him as that type of outfielder if the muscle mass continues to come naturally as he matures since he is only 19, then so be it.

In the box, he's changed some things around in his stance. The new and improved Max Clark stance from the left side looks buttery smooth. He looks to have slightly widened up the feet in the lower half, with a more spread base with a pretty locked torso. He stacks well as he loads before rotating hard but is not overly rotational through the swing.

The hands are higher with the back elbow up and the barrel wrapped. He lifts the leg with a big hanging leg lift trigger. It allows him to set over that backside and then explode through contact. He has been a bit "launch-driven" at times, getting too uphill through contact.

But this new swing he's worked on has been shorter and direct with the barrel and less of a launch-angle path but more of a path that creates loft in the swing. There's tons to like with this new swing change, even coming from myself, someone who's been critical of Clark to this point.