Detroit Tigers Triple-A roster shows more depth than usual

The Detroit Tigers have some more depth than usual. Their Triple-A roster looks much better than it has in prior years, and it's good to see that.
Former Detroit Tigers pitcher Nate Robertson walks off the mound for the Toledo Mud Hens.
Former Detroit Tigers pitcher Nate Robertson walks off the mound for the Toledo Mud Hens. / Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers are off and running for the 2024 season. They have the group of players they will attack the year with, leaving some of their players/prospects to be relegated to the minors. Looking ahead to the 2024 season and beyond, it's got to be a good thing for the Tigers to have this kind of depth.

The Detroit Tigers seem to be able to rely on extra help when they need it—to an extent. I'm not here to say that the Tigers' farm system has become elite, but they certainly have some more depth than they have in past seasons. It's good to see this for Detroit, and it has to offer a slight vote of confidence for fans.

The Toledo Mud Hens have announced their roster for the 2024 season. They've got their assignments from the Tigers' "options" and have assembled their roster. As of now, they have 29 players on the roster, with a 16-13 split between pitchers and position players.

Per the Mud Hens announcement, the team has 11 players from the Detroit Tigers 40-man roster on it, as well as 17 total players who have already logged time with the Mud Hens. The team's Triple-A affiliate is bringing in 12 new faces for the 2024 season, including some Tigers prospects who earned their way onto the roster.

Detroit Tigers have more depth in the minors this year.

As the 2024 season gets underway, there are definitely some players to key in on who will be with the team's Triple-A affiliate. The most obvious are Matt Manning and Beau Brieske. Manning was demoted in a last-minute move, being one of the final cuts from training camp.

Manning was the odd man out in the team's rotation, along with Brieske, who has started games for the Tigers in the past. But again, it speaks to depth. The team has names they can call upon. While Brieske was competing for a bullpen spot, injuries happened, and having players to call upon only helped the team keep trucking.

On the offensive side, the Tigers have a couple of players who missed the cut as well. Justyn-Henry Malloy and Akil Baddoo are the most likely to earn a call-up. Ryan Kreidler might get a shot, too, after being demoted to the minors and being quite frustrated with the team's decision to do so.

There's depth in Triple-A. Maybe it's not the best depth, but the Tigers' depth has been a problem in the past. The team looks better than it has been in the past. There's more to the roster than there was in past seasons, and it will give Detroit a leg up in 2024.

It'll be interesting to see what happens this year, but Detroit has more depth and players they can call upon at the Triple-A level. Between added depth and deserving prospects, it'll be interesting to see who comes up and makes their mark on the Tigers 2024 season.