Notorious and often-maligned MLB insider may have just jinxed the Tigers

The Detroit Tigers may have just been jinxed by this MLB insider.
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Because the Detroit Tigers have not been very competitive over the last several years, they've been able to avoid being jinxed (if you believe in that type of thing), or insiders/talking heads incorrectly predicting them to do well.

Well, that time may have just come to an end.

Bob Nightengale, notorious for his hyperbolic statements that often end up being incorrect — as well as for his sometimes inaccurate reporting — recently tweeted something positive about the Tigers after Jack Flaherty's signing became official.

In a tweet confirming the move, Nightengale added that the Tigers have become "serious AL Central division title contenders."


Oh no.

Well folks, we had a good run. It was nice to have a good bit of optimism after the strong finish in 2023. But alas, we've received the Bob Nightengale curse.

If you aren't familiar with Bob and his antics, he loves to tweet out stuff like this. He can't just report things as they happen. He has to add a little wrinkle.

Often times, he'll say things that come back to bit them. He ends up on @OldTakesExposed on Twitter quite frequently. If you look under a lot of his tweets, you'll see people saying the exact opposite of what he tweeted, followed by the word, "confirmed." For example, "Tigers are not serious AL Central division title contenders confirmed."

If you recall, he was also the one that reported that Trevor Bauer was going to sign with the New York Mets a few years back. Spoiler alert: he didn't sign with the Mets.

Now here's the real question: Are the Tigers AL Central contenders? Well, not quite. Not yet, anyways. They still have a ways to go, even though the division is very weak overall. I mean, they still don't have a third baseman. They could really use high-leverage reliever as well.

With some more moves, they could easily be a division title contender. But as of right now, they aren't there yet.

So is the Bob Nightengale curse real? It sure seems like it is, but it's probably just a coincidence. It is pretty comical how often he gets stuff wrong.

But, as we all know, the only people that can curse the Tigers are the Tigers themselves. They are the ones that have to go out and make the moves, then follow it up with their performance on the field.

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