Tigers: 3 players who should have got the All-Star nod over Michael Lorenzen

Michael Lorenzen will represent the Detroit Tigers in the 2023 MLB All-Star game, but should he?
Detroit Tigers v Colorado Rockies
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2. RHP Jose Cisnero

Well I certainly didn't expect to be writing this at the beginning of the year. In fact, I was advocatingfor Cisnero to be DFA'd earlier this season. He looked totally cooked. But here we are, halfway through the season, and he looks like the Cisnero of old.

Cisnero has an ERA of 2.18 in 33 IP this season. His fastball has life again. His slider is still inconsistent, but it's gotten the job done for the most part. Quite possibly the biggest change for Cisnero is that he's added a cutter to his pitch mix.

He started mixing that in with the fastball and slider, and it has done wonders for him. It might have even saved his career.

Some of his peripherals still aren't great, but Cisnero has turned this around. He would have been a fine choice for an All-Star game appearance.