West Michigan Whitecaps To Offer Bacon-shelled Taco As New Food Item


To the hardcore baseball fan, minor league games are about prospect watching, but to the casual (or non) fan, these games are all about having a good time, drinking beer, attempting to catch one of those t-shirts they’re throwing into the stands, and wrecking one’s digestive system with some interesting food choices.

The West Michigan Whitecaps have held a fan vote for four years now to select the next season’s interesting food options. This year’s winner is “Baco” which is a probably meant to be a creative way to combine the words “Bacon” and “Taco” except it just looks like B-A-C-O-N without the final “N”.

"Oink, oink! The winner of the fourth annual Whitecaps food contest is the Baco! This taco in a specially-made bacon shell was the top vote-getter in the annual contest to determine Fifth Third Ballpark’s next culinary delight and will be on the menu for fans to purchase at Whitecaps games this season.[snip]The Baco received a staggering 30% of the online votes, while second place with 27% of the vote went to The Bad Joke (a corn dog covered in cheese with two strips of duck bacon on a bun…it will quack you up!). Third place was, a virtual tie between Crash’s favorite snack, Rascal Chow (popcorn, bacon and Reeses) and Teeny Weenies (little hot dogs in mini helmets), with 9% each."

It’s a taco, but the crummy shell has been replaced with an ample amount of bacon.

For me — as the holder of a five-game Whitecaps mini ticket plan — the inclusion of “Baco” on the menu is both an intriguing and completely horrifying proposition. I’m definitely getting one.

Click here for a picture of “Baco”.