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Detroit Tigers Set ALDS Pitching Rotation, Select Max Scherzer to Start Game 1


Aug 29, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Max Scherzer (37) pitches in the first inning against the Oakland Athletics at Comerica Park. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports associate reporter Bobby Nightengale Jr. has reported on Twitter that Max Scherzer will indeed get the Game 1 nod from manager Jim Leyland.

We’re still waiting for the Oakland Athletics to announce their rotation order, but the Tigers’ half, at least for the first four games, is exactly as was predicted on these electronic pages just yesterday.

It appears that Scherzer would take another turn for Game 5, but both he and Verlander would be on full-rest for that final decisive game (if it comes to that).

Grant made a strong case that it should be Anibal Sanchez going in the first game – what with that stellar ERA and all – but really there was no bad choice amongst the top three options.