Everyone Safe in West Michigan Fire, Whitecaps Plan for Stadium Rebuild to be Complete by Opening Day


Firefighters haven’t completely snuffed the flames and smoke from Fifth Third Ballpark, home of the West Michigan Whitecaps, but the Tigers’ Class A Affiliate is reporting that all of their employees have made it out of the facility safely, and that they plan to rebuild the damaged sections completely before opening day. The report comes via WOOD TV in Grand Rapids.

The best news is obviously that everyone is safe and sound. Sucks to suffer the damage and cost of rebuilding, but stuff is just stuff and buildings can be eventually rebuilt and replaced. It’s probably too early to know for sure whether or not they can have the facility fully up and running in time for the season to begin, but it’s a wonderful place to watch a game (I usually get to six or seven a year) and not having the Caps around would be a sad thing for many of us in the greater Grand Rapids area.

The Whitecaps are schedule to host the Midwest League All-Star Game on June 17.

UPDATE: Here’s an aerial shot of the damage post-blaze.