Detroit Tigers Links: Victor Martinez and the Free Agents, Royal Envy


Oct 1, 2014; Baltimore, MD, USA; Detroit Tigers designated hitter V. Martinez (41) during workouts the day before game one of the 2014 ALDS at Oriole Park at Camden. Mandatory Credit: Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Free agency offers little comfort for five players after Tigers’ shortened postseason – Catherine Slonksnis, Bless You Boys

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"For certain Tigers players like Miguel Cabrera or Justin Verlander, obtaining a World Series title remains a consistent possibility. When the present season doesn’t work out, there’s the steady hope that the next one will be fruitful with the same team.That is not the case for five players entering free agency this offseason, some of whom have been critically important to the success of the Tigers in recent years. Max Scherzer, Victor Martinez, Joba Chamberlain, Torii Hunter, and Phil Coke are no longer under contract with Detroit and will test the waters this winter. Reliever Jim Johnson and Joel Hanrahan (whom the Tigers signed but were never able to use) will join the five in free agency.Hunter is contemplating retirement after 18 seasons. Scherzer and Martinez have been solid, but their stint with the Tigers is no longer a certainty."

Slick Royals are what Tigers wanted to be – Kurt Mensching, Detroit News

"It’s hard to watch the Royals play in the ALCS without thinking of what might have been for the Tigers. Not just because Detroit managed to finish ahead of Kansas City in the Central Division standings.Also because the Royals actually are what the Tigers were trying to be.On paper, the Tigers were easy favorites to win the division. On paper the Tigers were a team that brought good pitching to the game. On paper the Tigers had a much-improved defense. On paper the Tigers could run better and were not going to rely on powering their way to victory.The game isn’t played on paper, obviously. And in reality, they’re making vacation plans and touring favorite golf courses while the players of the Royals run wild in the playoffs — literally."

Tigers can’t afford to lose V-Mart – Jamie Samuelsen, Detroit Free Press

"There were about a thousand agonizing moments in the Orioles’ three game sweep of the Tigers. It’s remarkable seeing as the whole process was over in the span of about 72 hours.There was the Carrera gaffe and the Cruz pop home run. The Chamberlain meltdown and the other Chamberlain meltdown. The Soria meltdown and the other Soria meltdown.But I have a smaller nomination for the list. This won’t go down as a game changer or even a series changer. But it still captures exactly what has kept the Tigers from winning a World Series during this run of contention."