ICYMI: MCB Digest–Detroit Tigers Week That Was

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Finally, I ended the week by discussing how Steven Moya could be a wanted piece this season by other teams, but will Dave Dombrowski trade away yet another top prospect? The amount of top prospects traded last year will shock you.

Is Detroit Tigers top prospect Steven Moya safe from Trader Dave?

"Let’s fast forward to July 31, 2015, shall we? The Detroit Tigers are in the middle of a three-team race for the AL Central crown with the Kansas City Royals and Chicago White Sox. The trio, along with occasional surges by the Cleveland Indians, have been meandering in and out of first place all season long. The wild-card is a tricky proposition as well. In addition to the AL Central teams, the Angels, Mariners, Blue Jays, Red Sox, Orioles, and Yankees are all pushing hard for the postseason. The Texas Rangers have had another terrible year and are on pace for 100 losses. They are desperate to rebuild and cast a wide net, making Yu Darvish available to the highest bidder. They have interest in Steven Moya. If the trade happens, it will allow one of the starters–Shane Greene or Alfredo Simon–to go to the bullpen and improve the unit for the stretch run and postseason. If you are “Trader Dave” Dombrowski, do you make that deal? Do you MAKE that deal? READ MORE"

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