Top 10 Detroit Tigers Trades of the Past 25 Years

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Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past 25 years, the Detroit Tigers franchise has been a bit of a roller coaster.  The Tigers have been up down and done a 180 and if you believe the momentum of Tiger fans now we are ready to go back down.

Since 1990, the Tigers have been on a ride that has been wilder than the Millenium Force at Cedar Point.  We have seen the firing and rehiring of Ernie Harwell;  Tom Monaghan selling the club to Mike Illitch; Bill Lajoie retiring and be replaced by Bo Schembechler; Randy Smith hired and fired and Dave Dombrowski hired as general manager.  We’ve had 8 managers including the retiring of Sparky Anderson in 1995,  Buddy Bell, Alan Trammell, Phil Garner to name a few all followed by the successful Jim Leyland and now Brad Ausmus.  Oh yeah, let’s not forget that he Tigers have moved from Tiger Stadium to Comerica Park.

In the 25 years since 1990 the Tigers have won 2 AL Pennants, 4 Division Titles, a Wild Card berth and have been to 2 World Series with on overall post season record of 25-26 but still no trophy.

The Tigers actually have a losing record since 1990 at 1,878 wins with 2,106 losses and a win percentage of .471.  In 2003 the Tigers broke the record for most losses in the American League with 119.  And in just 3 short years in 2006, they went to the World Series.

Along the way we have seen many Tigers come and go.  Some of our favorites and some which we couldn’t wait to show the door.  We’ve made some bad trades and some great trades.  Here are the top 10 trades in the past 25 years for the Tigers.