Detroit Tigers: Avila seeks third opinion, Perez’s true value, Tigers Mount Rushmore


Back in April, it seemed like it took weeks in order for the Detroit Tigers to send right-hander Justin Verlander into the doctor for an MRI. They seem to be “making up” their doctors visits now.

Catcher Alex Avila will seek a third option from Dr. Kyle Anderson on Wednesday to confirm he does indeed need arthroscopic surgery.

Avila was placed on the 15-day disabled list on Saturday. The final decision on whether or not Avila will receive surgery is expected to be made on Wednesday after the visit with Anderson.

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Bench player Hernan Perez has been the angst of Tigers fans once again as he grounded into another double play in a key situation, this time on Sunday versus the Royals.

Although he only has 20 at-bats this season, questions of whether Perez will remain in the big leagues have begun to surface.

MCB has talked a lot about the MLB fan vote to uncover each franchise’s Mount Rushmore of players. The voting ended last week, but the final results will not be revealed until the All-Star Break.

That hasn’t stopped ESPN baseball analyst Buster Olney from making his own Mount Rushmore for each franchise. Find out who he has for the Detroit Tigers.

Detroit Tigers catcher Alex Avila seeks third opinion on injured left knee; no decision yet on surgery – James Schmehl,

"Avila, who underwent an MRI exam on Friday, was placed on the 15-day disabled list Saturday morning. Tigers manager Brad Ausmus confirmed the Tigers will not decide whether Avila needs to undergo surgery until after Wednesday’s evaluation.“There isn’t a decision on that yet,” Ausmus said. “We should know more tomorrow after he sees Dr. Anderson.”It’ll mark the second physical evaluation for Avila, who likely wouldn’t be ready to rejoin the team until after the All-Star break if he were to undergo surgery."

Tigers Mailbag: Perez’s value isn’t what front office believe it to be – Tony Paul, The Detroit News

"So the heat shifts to Perez, which isn’t fair. He’s a 25th man who’s been put in two ridiculously unfair situations over his last 20 at-bats — and he grounded into a double play to end the ALDS against the Orioles, and he grounded into a double play to kill a Tigers’ rally Sunday.Last fall, that he had to bat with the season on the line was an indictment on the bench Dave Dombrowski put together. Sunday, that he had to bat with the game on the line was the result of a) Ausmus’ questionable decision to pinch-run for Miguel Cabrera, and b) Rajai Davis (already used) and Alex Avila (injured) weren’t available.That said, I don’t imagine Perez, 24, will last much longer. The only way I see him staying through May is if the Tigers decide Nick Castellanos needs a break, and then Perez could get a couple weeks at third."

Who’s on Detroit Tigers’ Mt. Rushmore? Writer picks four – Steve Schrader, Detroit Free Press

"And his picks for the Detroit Tigers are: Ty Cobb, Charlie Gehringer, Miguel Cabrera and Al Kaline, which he ranks as the fifth-best foursome of any team.Those four were listed on MLB’s Franchise Four ballot for the Tigers, along with Sam Crawford, Hank Greenberg, Alan Trammell and Justin Verlander.So which teams does Olney rank ahead of the Tigers? The New York Yankees, of course, but surprisingly, they aren’t No. 1."

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