Detroit Tigers – Dear Brad: Your Top 5 Ways to Fix the Offense

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#4 – Take away the green light on the speedsters

We are all for trying to create runs and love the Tigers’ speed on the bases.

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But a slumping team that is clearly trying to run is a team that will be caught more than average. The Angels (and the rest of America) saw that you were going to run on Sunday night, pitched out successfully as we were screaming at our tv’s.

The Tigers lead the American League in stolen bases but that’s because they are trying more than anyone. In May they only converted 63% of their attempts with Cespedes being the biggest offender and only succeeding 43%.

When the speedsters have a green light and the offense is slumping, they will get caught and it is such a momentum buster. When they break out of the slump give their freedom back.